About Us


The mission of D PLAST a.s. is to develop its position as a supplier of quality plastic-making technology products for various industries including the automotive industry, food industry, civil engineering etc. The company is extending its sales presence on the worldwide market in Europe and overseas.

D PLAST a.s. is implementing new and necessary quality systems, new testing procedures and technologies, equipping laboratories with new devices and increasing the qualification of its employees. Thus, the company is establishing the conditions necessary for assuring that the entire collective perform their jobs at a high level.

As an economically strong organization, D PLAST a.s. also contributes to creating a good economic background in the respective territory. The company also supports other social activities - sporting, cultural and charity events.

When doing business, D PLAST a.s. always respects the requirements of ecological purity and strives to be considerate of the environment.


  • 1990 – Establishment of D PLAST spol. s r.o. - production focused on PVC-based products,
  • 1992 – Company headquarters and production moved to Zlín – Malenovice,
  • 1993 – Merging the development of PVC binding agents for the automotive industry of D PLAST and the production of Vulkan into Vulkanplast a.s. (joint-stock company)
  • 1997 – Construction of new D PLAST premises in Lužkovice, initiation of production in the new premises,
  • 2000 – Establishment of subsidiary company D PLAST - EFTEC a.s., detachment of sealing element production for the automotive industry from D PLAST company, installation of new technology for mixing PVC plastisols,
  • 2000 – 2003 – Development of granulate production for the food processing industry, extension of the production premises in the Zlín - Příluky industrial zone, construction of new administrative and production facilities of the D PLAST company, installation of new production technologies
  • 2004 – 2005 – Extrusion technologies development, meeting the capacity of granulating line,
  • 2006 – Change of legal status to a.s.,
  • 2007 – Opening of logistic centre,
  • 2008 – 2009 – Launching the extrusion technology hall in operation, establishment of the Research-Development Center, installation of an experimental extrusion line.
  • 2010 – Development of extrusion technologies, Installation of a compounding line.
  • 2012 - D PLAST a.s. was certified by ČSN ISO/TS 16949.
  • 2013 – D PLAST-EFTEC a.s. subsidiary company sold to foreign partner.
  • 2015 - 2018 – Extension capacity of production and development for extrusion.
  • 2018 – opening the new compounding technology hall, installation of a new compounding line, certification in compliance with ČSN ISO 14001
  • 2022 – introduction of the Energy Management System (EnMS) and obtaining ČSN EN ISO 50001 certification.


D PLAST a.s. has gradually implemented and is continuously improving the certified quality system. The system contributes in particular to assuring manufacturing quality by the thorough inspection of materials, technological processes and end products. State of the art equipment and standardized processes are used to make this possible. The primary goal is to meet customer demands and expectations.

Other contributions of a functional quality system include, for example, compliance with legislation requirements (such as occupational safety and environmental protection), better utilization of human and material resources and the protection of the work environment and the environment in general.

In 1998, D PLAST a.s. implemented the certified quality management system in compliance with CSN EN ISO 9001.

In 2010, new requirements in compliance with CSN EN ISO 9001:2008 were implemented into the quality system.

In 2010, HACCP quality systems were certified for food industry purposes.

In 2012, the company was certified in compliance with CSN ISO/TS 16949.

The primary goal of our environmental management is to minimize the consumption of raw materials and the environmental impact. Newly is our company also certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

In 2022, the Energy Management Management System (ENMS) was introduced and the company was certified according to ČSN EN ISO 50001.