Plastic coating and casing

Protection with plastic is typically applied on various parts of storing and transportation pallets, hand tools, utensils, holders, consoles, carriers, covers, stands, hooks, etc.

According to the specific needs of the customer, we design and provide solutions – mould design, methods of plastic coating, sampling, production, and the supply of individual product types. In the case of a small series, we are able to create the surface finish while you wait.

We offer Progal for protecting the surfaces of trailers and preparations used in galvanization workshops. Progal can be used practically on all commonly-used metal (steel, copper, brass, aluminium alloys) and features excellent chemical resistance properties.

We have a machine for applying the surface protection using this material and, as its direct manufacturer, we are able to quickly and efficiently meet your requirements at an acceptable price. In the case of a small series of suspensions (fixtures), we are also able to perform the surface treatment while you wait.

Other important products are PVC covers, used as protective funnels for shipping pallets in the automotive industry, protective caps for hoses, cables, tubes, protective caps preventing contamination, protective sleeves for mechanical components, and protection of levers and handles.

PVC covers are manufactured in standard diameters, with length as per the customer’s request.

The line of products also includes flat sleeves of various sizes as per the customer's requirements, or various uncommonly-shaped special sleeves (hooks, pockets, etc.)

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