Plastic tubes and hoses

D PLAST a.s. has been a manufacturer of plastic tubes, hoses and profiles for many years. The extent of manufactured diameters ranges from 2mm to 60mm and products are supplied in both reels as well as cut pieces. We use a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Tolerances are continuously measured and recorded by the Beta-laser device. Products are designed and manufactured to meet the customer's exact demands.

Polyurethane tubes for industrial automation

  • Flexible tubes for conveying compressed air

Polyamide tubes for air brake tubes

  • Certified tubes for standard-sized air brake systems.

Spiral tubes for brake systems

  • Standard-sized spiral tubes for distributing air between the truck and trailer.

PP pipes for pain rollers

  • pipes from 10mm up to 60mm

TPE hoses for covering of fuel lines

  • TPE hoses for protecting fuel system tubes

POM tubing for inner liner of Bowden cables

  • Internal Bowden tubes starting at 2mm

PE tubes for air and fluid transmissionn

  • For low-cost conveyance in air systems or for liquid conveyance

PVC hoses and pipese

  • Tubes for industrial and common use


  • Various types of profile based on the customer's demands



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